Retirement Q&A: Understanding Your Options For Retirement Communities

Retired life Q&A: Comprehending Your Choices For Retired life Communities

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* What are Energetic Adult Neighborhoods?

Energetic Grownup Neighborhoods are specially designed communities for those who are age 55 and also above. They are developed for a lifestyle finest suited to their age.

These are for couples who have no youngsters coping with them any longer. They could appreciate residing in this type of community in addition to other individuals in their very own age group. Here there are a couple of bed room residences being offered to their community participants.

These energetic grown-up areas showcase a great deal of facilities and also facilities that will accommodate their preferred tasks. Usually there are golf courses, clubhouses, parks, nature paths, and also areas where they can enjoy retired life.

* What are Independent Living Communities?

Independent Living Areas, otherwise called retirement community, are like condominiums as well as flats where elders and senior citizens with the ability of living independently can stick with their peers.

Right here they can appreciate a way of living that is laidback and full of recreation together with various other elders and retirees.

This kind of neighborhood offers security as well as the comfort of area living while still being an independent person.

There are a lot of experiences provided in this sort of area that aid keep area members fit, sharp as well as comfortable.

* What are Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

Continuing Care Retirement Communities are a type of community wherein retired people as well as senior citizens can get 3 various levels of neighborhood treatment programs. In continuing treatment retirement communities, an elderly or retired person can select from 1) independent living, 2) assisted living, and 3) retirement home treatment all within a solitary community.

For an one-time or month-to-month fee basis, a retired person could get a living quarters, meals, health care in different degrees and the firm of other elders as well as resigned persons.

* Exactly what are Helped Living Neighborhoods?

Helped Living Areas could be set apart by the different sorts of degrees helpful offered by the hosts of the areas in addition to the different kinds of living devices by their locals.

This is an area where retired people and elderly person locals cohabit and also calls for some support in their everyday tasks. Accredited and also trained medical personnel are at hand to give solution as well as aid to their citizens that either could refrain from doing their daily activity independently due to aging or because of a disease or ailment.

* Just what are Nursing Care Facilities?

Nursing Care Facilities, or Nursing Houses, offer a living community for seniors and retired people that require constant or daily treatment. Many states call for a nursing care facility to have a license. They are expected to fulfill federal needs such as having actually certified and also well-trained clinical attendants.

Advanced aged citizens can avail of clinical focus all the time. As well, they could cope with other people with their same condition and also enjoy day-to-day tasks that can maintain them literally as well as psychologically active.

* Exactly what are golf retirement home?

As its name indicates, a Golf Retirement home is a living neighborhood in which a golf links is centered. Retirees and seniors who enjoy the game of golf obtain a chance to play the game they love daily.

This kind of community is developed to cater to the demands of those that are progressed in age as well as intend to live in an area amongst their peers. Several services are offered that do not only accommodate playing golf. They can take pleasure in various other tasks such as card playing, swimming, working out and much more.

This type of neighborhood provides various real estate strategies such as 2 door houses or flat kind living quarters.

* Just what are RV retirement communities?

Recreational Vehicle retirement home are where senior citizens or retired people reside in RV’s or Recreational Vehicles that are parked in marked locations. RV Communities have permanent structures and centers in which homeowners could avail of numerous companies such as recreation, clinical as well as other exercisings.

A couple or single senior retiree could appreciate living individually in his Recreational Vehicle but still obtain the focus he needs. Dealing with other senior citizens in their very own RV’s cuts the price of renting housing centers or acquiring a home.

* What are rental retirement communities?

Rental retirement communities permit you to live in a community where you do not have a responsibility to buy a building. You could take pleasure in retired life to the fullest in a community where similar people could get a kick out of residing in an area where they can get to do just what they like.

A rental retirement community lets you live in a community where there are a different options of living conditions. From extravagant suites to workshop type flats, you could stay as long as you want when you want it. You can take advantage of solutions like independent living, helped living and nursing care living.

Protection during the Golden Years: Health Insurance and Retirement

Security during the Golden Years: Health Insurance as well as Retirement

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Medical insurance for retired people or senior citizens can be complicated, specifically with numerous alternatives and also needs. Nonetheless, medical insurance is crucial for retired people. As you get older, your health undoubtedly becomes more of a problem; you might check out the physician a lot more, should fill more prescriptions, and even get at home treatment. Before you retire, plan for health insurance to ensure that you obtain the most effective advantages.

The initial step in intending your medical insurance coverage in your retired life is to see if your employer offers insurance policy coverage after you retire. If the company does, you must definitely consider it. Consider the plan, the insurance deductible, and also the protection. Several near-retirees believe that Medicare will certainly cover their clinical repayments, yet this is not always the situation. With this form of coverage, you will more than likely receive better healthcare yet at a more expensive cost. As a retired person, you will certainly have a health insurance spending plan to preserve, and also you will have to decide if the price of your employer’s insurance coverage is also expensive.

If your company does not provide coverage, Medicare will be a most important as well as essential part of your health insurance if you are 65 years of age or older. Medicare works like traditional medical insurance plans in that you have actually been adding a tiny section of every income you make into this strategy. Once Medicare starts, you will certainly make co-payments for workplace brows through or therapy. Medicare will certainly also cover the expense of certain medical devices or needs.

Nonetheless, Medicare did not cover a number of products that are regular of health insurance. The federal government lately upgraded Medicare and split it right into 3 parts: Component A, B, as well as C. Component A covers health center care, such as residence medical, hospital keeps, as well as hospice treatment. This component does not need a costs. Component B covers the a lot more regular clinical costs, such as workplace gos to and lab tests, while Part C registers you into a fee-for-service or took care of treatment strategy that reduces your out-of-pocket expenses. Despite these various choices, Medicare restricts your insurance coverage by not covering certain type of treatment or health problems and diseases. Thus, there is also Medigap coverage, which aids fill out the gaps in health insurance that Medicare leaves. Medigap coverage varies from one state to another and also has different repayments.

Beyond Medicare as well as Medigap, there are likewise long-term care insurance coverage prepares that you can get. You often see these strategies promoted on the television at very low cost. These strategies can aid cover the prices of a nursing home or residence medical. With so many various options and limitations, if you are resigning soon, you need to have a look at your budget plan as well as what you could pay for along with what form of protection you feel you will require.

Lower Pet Insurance with a Dog Run

Insurance and Health Perks of a Dog Run
Dog runs provide pooches the best of both worlds: safeguard and the flexibility to perform in their own space. Everybody knows that most pet dogs wish to be outside. That is where they actually their business, exercise, sniff around, take naps, and fundamentally enjoy being outside the house just.

Sure you can go sail the web or the aisles of your neighborhood pet store searching for your dog run. But if you are buying fun, outdoor project that can be done by making use of family members and friends, building one might be simply for you. A dog run for sale may seem like a good idea, but it will not be perfect.

Before you begin, find location in in the trunk lawn to put the run ideally. It needs to be always a place that’s at least partially in the shade through the hot summertime, free from poisonous flowers and plants and obvious enough that you can put your eyes on your dog from the window.

Next, gauge the space and clear the certain area. How big is area will depend on your dog. Bigger canines need more room to romp around and even sprint. Dog runs can be square or long with regards to the size of your yard. And keep this key fact at heart when building: if you believe your dog could probably clear the fence, it might seem about putting a high away from home.

Wrapping up Installation

Having a digger or shovel, dig the slots for your fence content (it’s advise that you dig eighteen inches wide to 2 feet deep if you are by using a standard 5 feet tall fence). After the slots are dug, place the content in them and place concrete around them for extra support.

Now add the fence by jogging chain-link fencing in one post to some other and then suspend the gate. Make sure to triple check to be sure your pet cannot open up the gate by pressing against it. Don’t expect that can’t happen.

If your pet is a digger – & most canines are, – either bury underneath of the string hyperlink fence at least eighteen inches wide or lay chicken wire over the perimeter type of the fence so she can’t dig below the fence. Coating the advantage of your fence with bricks or huge rocks will ponder down the poultry cable (make sure the line isn’t uncovered) and enhance the appeal of your pet run as well as your backyard. Make certain she’s her normal water and her favorite toys and games within her and prepare yourself to host your dog run open up house!

Long Term Care Insurance Should I Get This?

Long Term Care Insurance Should I Obtain This?

Yes, you may wish to consider a long-term care insurance strategy if you don” t intend to drain your retirement financial savings and other investments in the future! It is currently estimated that retirement home costs are more than $10,000 each month. Think of, just how much this will cost you on a yearly basis if you needed to pay this cash out of your pocket if you needed treatment from a retirement home! This would be financially ruining without long-term care insurance.

Did you understand that before the passage of the Deficiency Decrease Act of 2005, most Americans had the ability to depend on Medicaid to help them with long term health care. The Shortage Reduction Act changes every one of that. This brand-new legislation puts the majority of long term health care prices on you, particularly if you have assets. Regrettably, center class Americans will certainly be hit the hardest with this new law.

Exactly how does the Shortage Decrease Act impact me if I need taking care of house treatment and have possessions? Well, for the most part, you will certainly should exhaust your possessions prior to you will certainly be eligible for Medicaid. Under this brand-new legislation, there is a five year recall duration from the date that you request your Medicaid benefits. This five year recall duration, is to make sure that you have not transferred assets to family members, close friends, or other individuals. If you have transferred your possessions to a person, Medicaid will count this against you as well as you will certainly have a duration of charge where you will certainly not get approved for advantages. Generally, this means that you could possibly be out of money and Medicaid will not spend for your nursing home care!

The other side of this new legislation is that even if you have actually not transferred your possessions to someone, you could not have more than $500,00 in house equity. Most of your possessions consisting of trusts and also annuities are viewed in different ways under this new regulation.

It is important, that you consider long-term care insurance policy as component of your retirement planning. With passage of the Deficit Decrease Act of 2005, it is a must! Unless you are independently rich and also wear” t mind coming out of your pocket with greater than $10,000 monthly for your prospective nursing home care! For the average individual, this would certainly be a serious monetary hardship.

What age should I think about obtaining a long-term treatment insurance coverage strategy? You could want to take into consideration in your very early to mid fifties. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you consult your insurance broker or financial consultant about this.

Preparing is important, in order to aid you in dealing with a possibly damaging economic catastrophe. You intend to endure the golden years of your retirement as anxiety totally free as feasible. So ensure you plan for your future long-term medical needs!

retirement places for baby boomers

retired life areas for infant boomers

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Retired life Places for Baby Boomers, A Location for Sit for Child Boomers

Individuals that were born after the The second world war conflict in 1946 and also before the Vietnam War are considered to be the baby boomers generation. This generation is called the baby boomers generation as a result of the significant boost of birth prices during these times. Actually, there were about 78 million child boomers born in the United States in between the years 1946 as well as 1964.

The baby boomers generation is thought about to be the era where it was the transforming point of the political as well as social status of the United States. This is because infant boomers matured during the civil rights demonstration and also they were the ones who defended even more freedom and versus discrimination. In political perspective, baby boomers are among the contributors of what made The U.S.A. what it is today. The USA is freer and thanks to the baby boomers generation, there is no discrimination in employment, regardless in race, creed, sex as well as age.

So, if you discover it very easy to discover job also if you are African American or a female, you have to give thanks to the baby boomers for it. You are now living a comfortable life because the child boomers generation fought for your civil rights.

Culturally talking, baby boomers also contributed a lot in music as well as art. The music you listen to today settled in the infant boomers time. The child boomers generation is the era where Rock music started and this is additionally an era where Rhythm as well as Blues became prominent.

Today, you can never prevent that infant boomers are now maturing. As well as due to the fact that the child boomers populace is one of the largest in the United States, there have actually been inquiries regarding health care as well as retired life benefits for these people. That the infant boomers populace makes up 22 % of the American population, and also is thought about rather a lot in the USA, you will see that the federal government is taking all the needed procedures to provide retirement and health benefits to baby boomers.

Because of the reduced amount of financial savings by baby boomers, the retired life and also wellness advantages can slow the financial growth of the USA. Some specialists additionally forecasts that without taking the required steps, current financial pressures that encounters the USA federal government programs, such as Medicare and Social Security will increase.

You ought to consider that in the past, because of the child boomers generation populace, the USA benefited a great deal and also is continually benefiting today. The workforce is at a perpetuity high as well as financial earnings for the United States is fairly additionally at a high price. However, in the near future, you will certainly see that the group price will certainly shift. The reduced birth price in the succeeding generation will cause fewer workforce as well as higher retiring people, usually from the infant boomers period.

The government as well as exclusive companies are currently taking the essential actions to raise the economic stability as well as the benefits for the infant boomers generation when they are now in the age of retirement. Today, retirement homes are now being erected by the federal government and also private organizations in order to help deal up with the expected increase in retirement populace that are generally infant boomers.

The United States is now additionally shifting their attention to fund the retired life of child boomers. They currently made a brand-new kind of retirement system for baby boomers in order to fit the overall expected retired life populace in the near future. Death rate of the baby boomers period is also anticipated to lower because of the modern treatment offered today.

Places for retirement are currently likewise being organized by the federal government and also some exclusive companies. Some are now setting up retirement community, as well as others are currently making stories of continents across the USA offered for retired people.

Social Security and Medicare programs are additionally enhancing their spending plan to suit the expected populace growth of retirees in the near future. As a result of the infant boomers age, retirement and also health care became one of the key concerns of the USA government. However, because they are currently taking all the essential steps in providing advantages for the retired people, the worries are currently reducing as well as people can currently rest well without bothering with the retired life advantages that they will receive from the government and also various other personal organizations.

The child boomers era is one of the significant contributors in the society today. They play a substantial function in the political, cultural, scholastics as well as in the commercial sector today. It is just right that the federal government must have the ability to provide for these individuals once they retire.

Why Saving For Retirement Is Important

Why Saving For Retirement Is necessary

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Whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 years of age, are you planning for retirement? If not, you should be. Unfortunately, many individuals do not recognize the importance of planning for retirement. If you are one of those people, please continue continuing reading for info that will likely change your overview on preparation and also preparing for your retired life.

The greatest reason why you need to save for retirement is due to the fact that it is your life. The amount of money that you conserve for retired life will have a profound influence on just how your life is lived. Do you have any type of desires or goals? Normally, retired life is the most effective time to fulfill your objectives and also transform your dreams into fact, yet you can only do so if you are financially prepared. If you are not, you might be stressed over where you will live or where your following dish will originate from, rather than asking yourself when the very best time to take a trip is.

One more important reason you should start conserving for retired life and also very early is for your kids. Also if you are twenty years of ages and also solitary, bear in mind that there could come a point in your life when you have a family members. Those that do not correctly plan as well as conserve for retired life placed a substantial problem on their households. As a moms and dad, it is your job to secure your youngsters, not trigger them to face their own monetary difficulties due to the fact that they should spend for your retirement expenditures.

Saving for retirement can likewise aid to make certain that you are well cared for. This is necessary in terms of health and wellness. There comes a point in every person’s life when his or her health starts to worsen with age. While you could be able to survive on your very own and look after on your own when you first enter into retired life, there could come a moment when you can no longer do so. If and when that time comes, are you monetarily prepared? Can you pay for the price of long-term care? The expense of long-term can be pricey and also it ought to be consisted of in the expense of your retired life; therefore, you must begin saving currently.

Another one of the lots of reasons you will intend to start saving for your retirement is since you won’t wish to keep on functioning. Those who are unprepared for retirement often continue working or later on return to the labor force. Is this actually something that you intend to do? Likewise, remember your age and also your health and wellness. It is highly unlikely that you will be ale to work up until you die. That is why you should begin conserving for retirement, as you could not generate earnings on your own for life.

Ultimately, social security benefits are nice, however they will certainly not cover all your retired life living costs. Many monetary advisors explain you will need around 70 % of your current income to live easily in retired life. Regrettably, the majority of people only obtain concerning 40 % of that from social security benefits. Depending upon just how much you contributed with the settlement of tax obligations, that quantity may be lower. Since you could not count on social safety and security benefits to endure, you need to start conserving for retired life.

As highlighted over, there are a number of reasons why you ought to conserve for retirement. Your life is in your personal hands, so start saving today.


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Saving for Retirement: Why Flexibility is Important

Conserving for Retirement: Why Adaptability is essential

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Are you all set to start getting ready for your future, in regards to retirement? If you are, you must obtain planning promptly. As a matter of fact, the earlier you begin planning for your retired life, the much better off you are most likely to be. That is why most men and women are motivated to begin conserving for their retirement years when they are in their early twenties or thirties.

When conserving for retired life, you will certainly intend to create a detailed, yet sensible objective. Nevertheless, you should recognize just how much cash you ought to conserve. Also if you are young, like in your twenties or early thirties, outlining your retired life objectives as well as goals are very important, despite the fact that they could later change.

To identify just how much cash you must save for retirement, there are a variety of vital inquiries that you initially have to ask yourself. Where do you wish to live? Do you need to relocate to obtain to that destination? What sort of home or living arrangement do you see yourself as having? What hobbies or tasks would certainly you prefer to use up? Do you wish to start a small business in retired life? If so, start approximating the cost of these. When doing so, additionally consider the conventional expense of living, such as the standard requirements of shelter, food, as well as transport. Inflation should be accounted for also.

When you have completed the above pointed out step of identifying just how much you need to save for retired life, you will certainly intend to increase that amount. You must always conserve even more money than you need. Why? Since there are no warranties with retired life or an age rise. Your retirement budget should represent adaptability, as there are some occasions that can arise that call for you to be versatile with your spending.

As formerly mentioned, rising cost of living needs to be taken into account. The expense of items and services will just remain to rise as you age. Not representing this surge can create you to not have sufficient retirement cash. Online, you can discover a variety of tools that could aid you calculate the estimated rising cost of living rate at your time of retired life. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that these are only estimations. An economic specialist can likewise provide you with these numbers.

Next off, it is important to bear in mind that your wellness might start to get worse after retired life. Several senior citizens get to a point in time when long-lasting care is needed. Even if you are sixty years old as well as in good health, please remember that could change at practically any type of min. Are you prepared for that change, if when it shows up? You must be. The price of long-term treatment ought to be included in your retirement financial savings. If you are retiring with your spouse, check out the price of long-term take care of each of you. Unlike living pleasantly with each other in an independent living retirement home, the cost of long-term treatment could be costly.

Adaptability is also vital as your family circumstance can change also. Do you have children? If you do, do not rely upon your children to aid make it through retired life financially. Even if your youngsters are in good economic standing currently or when you first enter into retired life, that could effortlessly transform. It is pricey to increase a family, as you likely already understand. You do not want to put your youngsters’s wellness, household, or financial resources, in jeopardy; as a result, you ought to ensure your retired life savings strategy is versatile and able to make up many of the unanticipated occasions that life could throw your way.


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Baby Boomer Issues: Health, Money And Retirement

Child Boomer Issues: Health, Cash And also Retired life

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As the Infant Boomer generation continues to get older, their main issues have moved to their wellness, cash and also retirement. The days of lazily asking yourself where their following vacation must be as well as whether their bonus offer check will be as much as they are entitled to are quietly passing. Today, Baby Boomer concerns are mainly concerning interest in preserving their diminishing health and wellness as well as having enough cash to live easily via their twilight years.

Wellness Worries For Child Boomers

As individuals age, they often experience problems with their health and wellness. Their bodies expand more fragile and prone to illness as well as microorganisms. Furthermore, many individuals HALF A CENTURY of age as well as older are reporting health problems that were not experienced by individuals in their same age long ago.

This issue is worsened by increasing healthcare prices. As the Boomer generation begins to call for even more treatment, the cost of that healthcare continues to boost. Health and wellness issues and also their capability to cope with them and find the proper clinical support is a significant problem for Infant Boomers

Money As well as Retired life Problems For Infant Boomers.

Along with increasing health care expenses, Infant Boomers additionally fret about money and also retired life. Throughout the last numerous years of their occupations prior to retiring, some people typically take pleasure in salaries as well as incentives that are larger than at other factor in their career. Consequently, cash is seldom a major problem.

However, lots of people cannot save that money. Instead, they spend it vacationing, their families and also in the search of living enjoyable and also fulfilling lives. This could cause an impolite awakening when they retire. Since they have actually not saved much money throughout their profession, a lot of some people find that they do not have sufficient cash to live pleasantly throughout their retired life years.

When they retire, they no longer earn an income. They not get perk checks. Rather, they are forced to live off the earnings that could be created by the investments they have actually made throughout their lives. However, several have not invested any type of money that can produce this income.

Various other Infant Boomer issues complicate this money trouble. People live longer lives today. When a Baby Boomer retires, he could expect to live several years in retirement. In the past, a 65-year old male could possibly anticipate to live about Ten Years in retirement prior to diing. The monetary requirements of living conveniently for these One Decade were workable for most individuals.

Today, economic organizers use a life expectancy of 90 to 95 years. That is, when an individual retires at 65 years old, he can anticipate to meet 30 years in retired life. With decreasing health, rising medical expenses as well as an inadequate of cost savings to generate a set earnings, the monetary requirements of living 30 years in retirement run out reach for lots of people.

These health, money as well as retired life concerns will certainly expand as even more of the Child Boomer generation moves right into retirement. Some will decide to work part-time tasks to keep active, stay healthy and balanced as well as produce additional revenue. Others will certainly call for the help of friends and family. Still others might need more assistance compared to is readily available to them. As the Infant Boomer concerns are beginning to emerge the Boomers will certainly experience the issues that have actually been quietly acquiring energy for many years, their health and wellness, money and also retired life issues will certainly continue to expand.

Tips for Choosing a Retirement Community

Tips for Picking a Retirement Community

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Are you getting ready for your retirement? Once you have actually identified that your financial resources remain in good standing, you might be worried about your living setups. Although that numerous retired people choose to stay right where they are, much more choose retirement home areas. If you have an interest in doing so, you will intend to choose your retirement home intelligently.

The primary step in picking a retirement community includes familiarizing on your own with every one of your choices. Did you recognize that you have a number of choices? You do. Retirement home come in a variety of different layouts.

Independent retirement communities and also facilities are the most popular choice amongst retirees who are in good health. These are establishments where you are basically by yourself. It resembles you are just renting out a house. Oftentimes, the only onsite employee are office workers, maintenance employees, as well as security workers. Numerous independent retirement home are made to offer you with ease of living. This consists of making onsite tasks, like workout courses and arts and also crafts, available.

Aided living areas and facilities are excellent for retirees whose health and wellness is merely starting to worsen. If you need assistance now and then, an assisted living retirement community might be excellent for you. The help given does vary, however you could obtain assist with going for a stroll outdoors, cooking, planning for your day, or taking your drug.

Retirement home as well as centers are one more retirement option for those inadequate in health. Nursing homes are essentially hospitals with a much more laidback atmosphere. They are created for individuals who could neglect themselves. If you are researching nursing homes, you are likely a relative of the retired person, not that person. When residing in a nursing home, clients are provided with around-the-clock treatment. This is a wonderful choice to dealing with household or consistent home registered nurse care.

Proceeding care nursing home and communities are another alternative that you have. This alternative is one that is enhancing in appeal. Proceeding care rest home and neighborhoods basically give citizens with independent living, aided living, and ongoing treatment, relying on the citizen’s demands. These centers are great for retired people that are worried about their health and wellness and also funds. Yes, your health could be good now, yet there are no guarantees with the future. Moving and also placing tension on your family members isn’t really advised. That is why continuing care centers are often suggested.

When making your retirement community and treatment choice, it is necessary examine your demands. Do you require aid with everyday activities? Are you experiencing a devastating disease that will just continue to get worse? If so, you ought to examine assisted living areas, nursing residences, or continuing treatment facilities.

Next, examine your retirement home desires. Do you want to date new people and develop new friendships? If so, make sure that the retirement home or facility is well populated. Also, check out onsite tasks, as they make it easier to satisfy brand-new individuals.

Ultimately, examine expense and also area. Constantly select a retirement community that you can pay for. If you are the relative of a retiree that requires care, be sure to maintain premium quality in mind. Cost is important, yet not if high quality should be endangered. As for location, select a retirement home that neighbors your household. As you age, you will need the passion as well as support of your household more.


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Patients’ Rights Association

Patients' RightsIn this area you can share with us and with others, the things that have been disappointing or hurtful to you in our healthcare system. The purpose of sharing your story might be to have a place where you can feel better by letting go of your frustration, to help other people avoid what you have experienced by becoming aware of what has happened to you, or to hopefully change the system or the circumstance so that others do not experience what you have. If you are telling this story because you want to ask for help, please make that clear so we can assist you. If you are telling your story about something that happened in the past that continues to worry you, please let us know that too.

An example of a bad story we have heard is this:

A 70 year old patient with heart and lung disease, a bad stomach and arthritis, was admitted to the hospital because he had broken his hip. When his medications were reviewed the doctors and nurses told him he was taking too many pills. The man said that there were a great number but his doctors had been working hard to get them right and he was feeling good at the time he broke his hip. He had no chest pain, he was breathing OK, his stomach had settled down and his arthritis wasn’t bothering him. The patient asked the doctor who wanted to change his pills to call his personal physicians before he made any changes. The doctor went ahead and stopped all the medications before he had surgery and did not renew them following it. The patient was worried and depressed throughout the hospital stay and it took several months following surgery for him to feel good again. His own doctors could not understand why his medications had been stopped before the surgery and were not ordered afterwards. No one could understand why the patient’s personal physicians were not called when the patient was admitted to hospital.

What can we learn from this story? First, you need to know your rights – you have a right to continuity of care when you enter any healthcare institution and you have the right to ask the institution’s staff to talk with healthcare givers who have been caring for you. If you see that this is not being done you should identify this as a problem and something you want corrected. If this request is not met, ask to speak to the person in charge of your ward and, if that doesn’t work, ask to speak to someone in the institution who deals with patients’ concerns, a social worker or patient support person, a priest, rabbi, or minister. Usually by identifying a problem and explaining what you would like to have happen, things can be sorted out. If not, then it is time to speak about the problem with someone who is not directly involved in your care but who can be seen as someone who should want the best for you.